With All These Opinions, Who Should You Trust?

There are a million opinions when it comes to food and what to eat. Between actual experts and self-proclaimed health gurus, there’s enough conflicting advice out there to confuse absolutely anyone nowadays. And, much of it is quite convincing. Many of these opinions seem to be backed by research studies or a barrage of case-studies, and can sometimes be convincing with little more than basic logic. But when everything is so polarized – who should we trust? As Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches, we whole-heartedly believe the answer to this question is quite simple. There is no other person on earth who knows your body better than you do; and, therefore, no person better suited to tell you what you should eat than… well, you.

We have been raised to believe that the experts should always be relied upon to make decisions relating to our health. We are made to feel incompetent when it comes to our own health, and therefore have been told since a very early age to “do as the doctor says”. Far too often, “what the doctor says” becomes an ever-winding road of best guesses and assumptions. But it’s not their fault. The piece of the puzzle they are always missing piece is the knowledge and expertise in you.

We’re not saying that doctors, nutritionists, and other health experts shouldn’t be listened to or followed. On the contrary, the more you learn, the better. What we are saying though, is trust how well you know yourself, and always… always… listen to your body. You are the expert in you, remember that.

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