Stay Healthy During This Crisis – Free Webinar

TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 2020 5:00 PM
(GMT+0:00 London)

With COVID-19 spreading like wildfire across the globe, it’s easy to feel helpless and scared. We’re here to help ease your concerns through bringing to light a number of effective (and scientifically-proven) methods to boost your immune system, and keep you and your family healthy and happy.

Who are we?

We are a team of Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches, dedicated to reversing and preventing chronic disease, through helping you make small but powerful changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Dean Henry, FMCHC

Dean is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, fitness expert, bone-broth industry leader, and a passionate advocate of holistic healthcare. He brings a deep sense of empathy and care to his coaching and has a natural zest for life. Dean leads by example, and has successfully helped his clients improve and clear skin conditions; reverse chronic anxiety; reduce body fat; and tackle insomnia, Multiple Sclerosis, and numerous autoimmune conditions.

Rakan Brahedni, FMCHC

Rakan is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, and an outspoken advocate on the mindful adoption and use of technology. Through adopting the Functional Medicine approach in order to reverse his own autoimmune condition; Rakan has overcome obesity, severe anxiety, and poor digestive health. He is passionate about the microbiome, and is dedicated to helping his clients transform their health and lives through taking a gut-first approach to healing.