How To Save Money AND Get Healthier At The Same Time

Yup, you can do both – save some money and get healthier. In fact, you can take your friends, family, or colleagues along for the ride. Of course, we’re talking about group coaching. But if your only knowledge about group coaching comes from “interventions” and other dramatic depictions in movies, then group coaching might not sound like something you’d want to volunteer for. But what if we told you it’s an incredibly effective way for you (and those you love most) to achieve some of the most challenging health goals?

Overcoming anything in life is easier when you have support. We can all attest to that. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, overcome a disease, or just get healthier, changing lifelong habits can be very challenging – especially by yourself. If you have a husband or wife at home, having their support makes changing eating habits and food choices so much easier. Imagine suddenly being diagnosed with celiac disease (and being unable to consume any gluten at all), but having a spouse that continued to carelessly consumed gluten-containing products. That would make your life incredibly difficult. Most spouses would probably be supportive of something this serious, but even something as seemingly simple as “living healthier” needs support.

We offer group coaching sessions to bring together groups of people with similar health goals, and we offer a discounted rate for these sessions. You could bring together a few friends or members of your family, or pool together a few colleagues that share your concerns. The group dynamic is very powerful in bringing to the surface issues that are commonly faced that may keep you from making progress. It also unites you with peers on a single journey where everyone can support each other and keep one another on track.

If this sounds like something that resonates, why not book a session and try it out for yourself?

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