Corporate Wellness

If your organization wishes to have a healthy, vibrant, and productive workforce, helping your employees get to the root of their health concerns is step one.

Diet & Hydration

We help your employees identify a diet that matches their bioindividuality leading to lower inflammation and better overall health.

Gut Health

The modern diet, overuse of antibiotics, and unaddressed food intolerances all lead to poor gut health, which eventually lead to disease.

Sleep & Relaxation

Poor sleep hygiene and a lack of relaxation eventually lead to burnout. We help your employees identify sustainable ways to get better sleep, for longer.

Physical Fitness

We help your employees create simple, sustainable fitness programs that suit their individual needs and lifestyles.

What this means for you, the employer:

Higher Job Satisfaction

Greater Productivity

Fewer Sick Leaves

Lower Premiums

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News & Updates

How To Save Money AND Get Healthier At The Same Time

Yup, you can do both – save some money and get healthier. In fact, you can take your friends, family, or colleagues along for the ride. Of course, we’re talking about group coaching. But if your only knowledge about group coaching comes from “interventions” and other dramatic depictions in movies, then group coaching might not sound like something you’d want to volunteer for. But what if we told you it’s an incredibly effective way for you (and those you love most) to achieve some of the most challenging health goals?


With All These Opinions, Who Should You Trust?

There are a million opinions when it comes to food and what to eat. Between actual experts and self-proclaimed health gurus, there’s enough conflicting advice out there to confuse absolutely anyone nowadays. And, much of it is quite convincing. Many of these opinions seem to be backed by research studies or a barrage of case-studies, and can sometimes be convincing with little more than basic logic. But when everything is so polarized – who should we trust?